A lasting first impression

They say never judge a book by its cover, yet first impressions have been proven to be lasting and important. The little voice in our head judges and comments from the millisecond it lays eyes on another person and continues to opinionate, assume and conclude until contrary evidence is formulated.

A big part of this overall impression is created by our mouth – what’s inside, and what comes out of it. Our smile, the colour of our teeth, their state of cleanliness, their position and condition give away a huge amount of information about us.

Most of us are aware of the state of our mouths, and the details we dislike – like their shade, position… yet, we do nothing about them. We’ve been unhappy with our mouth for so long, we forget that in this day and age anything is possible and available, and thus within our reach.

Laser tooth whitening, home –bleaching, veneers and crowns are all effective and pain-free ways to change the colour of our teeth, making us look younger and healthier. There are three options of in-the-chair-whitening which results in fast (less than 1 hour), effective (up to 15 shades whiter and brighter), painless and safe, whitening of teeth. In addition, replacing unsightly amalgam restorations with tooth-coloured material creates a flawless, “filling-less” look.

Veneers, crowns and orthodontics are options available for creating a well-aligned set of teeth, creating a more attractive smile.

So, give yourself the makeover you dream of. It’s not deception, just self-improvement, a change in the attitude we have about ourselves and the way we look. When we feel more confident, we are usually more positive about life and more likely to take better care of ourselves and our health.

Last, but not least, we can create a lasting first impression that could change our lives.

Please feel free to enquire for further information on mouth-make-overs or any of these treatment options.