Teeth Whitening

For whitening of dark, dull or stained teeth, bleaching may be the simplest solution. There are two methods:

a. At home: 

Bleaching is performed by taking an impression of the teeth and making a model of them. From this model, a clear soft custom made bleaching tray is made. The tray is filled with bleaching gel and placed into the mouth directly over the teeth. This bleaching tray may be worn during the day, usually 30 minutes twice a day or overnight, while the patient sleeps. For maximum results most patients must wear the tray for about 6-10 days.

b. In office: 

Power bleaching or whitening technique is the latest and most advanced process available. This method uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, stimulated by the new advanced plasma arc light - and is used to treat individuals who want immediate results, or those who have severe discolorations. Patients usually see a dramatic shade improvement in less than 45 minutes and generally without the tooth sensitivity that is sometimes associated with the home bleaching system. This quick and comfortable method is also very safe. In our office we use the internationally acclaimed BriteSmile system.