General Information

Fees and Payment

Our fees are based on the carefully researched rates recommended by the Dental Association of South Africa, based on the practical socio-economic realities of providing the high standard of dentistry expected of our patients and of providing a first world service.

Medical Aid

We don’t administer accounts or deal with medical aids at all and all dealings with patients will be on a private paying-non-insured basis as stipulated by the HPCSA in their ruling on the 24/11/2008.
Although our fees are not based on the so-called ‘Scale of Benefits’ or ‘Medical Aid Rates’, we will be happy to assist you with a full quote / treatment plan which you may submit to your medical aid company for confirmation of qualifying benefits where necessary. However, the responsibility for the settlement of the account is still that of the patient.
Please bear in mind that the onus rests on the patient to determine from their medical aid, exactly what financial assistance they can expect. This will obviate any misunderstanding post-operatively.

Payment Options

To make the settlement of your dental care account more comfortable and convenient, we offer you several payment options:

  • Cash
  • Personal Cheque
  • Credit Card

Fees are payable at the time of treatment except in Sedation and General Aneasthetic cases where upfront settlement is compulsory. If external costs, such as dental technician fees or the purchase of components, are included in the cost estimate, a deposit equaling these fees will be required. THIS DEPOSIT MUST BE MADE BEFORE COMMENCEMENT OF THE TREATMENT. Statements are immediately available for you to submit to your medical aid.

Any account that remains unpaid is handed over to our administrative office and attorneys (S.Lamprecht) for collection and will be liable for all interest on overdue accounts and costs incurred on the attorney and own client scale.

First Health Finance – See attached.

Practice Hours

Our normal hours of consulting are:
Monday to Friday: 08H30 – 05H30 pm


We are available to attend to emergencies. If you have an emergency outside of our normal studio hours and feel it requires our immediate attention, please call 0732539035

Rescheduling of appointment

If you should experience a problem in keeping an appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. This will enable us to accommodate someone who has been waiting for an appointment. A consultation fee will be charged for appointments not kept without advance notification. Medical aid companies do not honor this fee.

Your Primary Consultation

Part of our Proactive Care Solutions

Surveys of factors causing patient anxiety indicate fear of not understanding what is being / to be done as a major stress factor when visiting the dentist. As part of our Proactive Patient Care Programme we are trying to decrease patient anxiety by providing our patients with as much information as they need.

At the primary consultation the dentist will deal with your primary complaint; what brought you to the dentist – especially where this is associated with pain or discomfort.

Relevant x-rays will be taken and the best solution for immediate pain relief and long-term optimal treatment carried out.

If your visit is for a “check-up”, the dentist will do a thorough examination intra-orally and extra-orally. The latter involves a check for any signs of pathology, signs of infection, inflammation and facial symmetry.

The jaw relations are noted and the oral cavity is checked for any growths or abnormalities.

Oral hygiene and a clinical investigation of the gum-health and tooth-decay are recorded -with the aim to restore and maintain oral health. International studies show a direct relation between oral hygiene and health to: general health, an individual’s life span, and self-esteem and confidence. 

Relevant x-rays are taken, and a treatment plan with options (where applicable) designed for the individual patient’s needs, is discussed with the patient.

Time permitting, a thorough scale and polish (cleaning) is done, followed by the application of topical fluoride which decreases post-cleaning sensitivity and promotes remineralization, leaving the tooth stronger.

A cost estimate is then presented to the patient before any subsequent treatment carried out.

For more information please feel free to speak to us.