Oral Implantology

Oral Implantology

Implantology is the branch of dentistry which deals with implantation; in other words,
the placement of mainly metallic parts (titanium screws) into the jaw bone.

The Branemark System was developed in Sweden by a research team led by Prof. P.I. Branemark.
He discovered that, when implants made of pure titanium and of a cylindrical
design were placed in bone using a controlled surgical technique, the bone would then
grow directly onto the surface of the implant.

This created a lasting biological bond which is termed osseointegration. From these
original observations and many years of development, experiment and clinical trials
have led to the proven technical techniques available to patients today.

There has been a dramatic surge in the use of dental implants over the last decade. Implants are nearly always successful (97%) & can last you a lifetime. Titanium used in the manufacture of implants, is never rejected as it is bioinert.