What is periodontitis?

It is a disease which attacks the tissues which support the teeth. The gingiva and the bone (periodontium).

In the initial stages of the disease there is an appearance of gingivitis, where the gingiva becomes swollen and red. How do we perceive this? Our teeth bleed when we brush them. Furthermore, gingivitis is very often accompanied by bad breath.

If gingivitis is not diagnosed and treated early, it causes irreversible damage to the gingiva and the bone covering the tooth. That is to say it develops into periodontitis.

Periodontitis is therefore the developing stage of gingivitis, where in addition to the inflammation of the gingiva, there is also inflammation at the bone, the "foundation" of each tooth.

However, even at this stage of the disease, once detected, may be treated with a large percentage of success.

However, if fear or negligence prevents patients from seeking treatment, periodontitis develops further and causes even worse damage to the tissues. At this stage of advanced periodontitis, the bone recedes to such an extent, that the teeth lose their support and they present a great deal of mobility. Treatment at the stage of advanced periodontitis is much less successful.