What other factors lead to the appearance of periodontitis?

Even if microbial plaque is the primary factor which causes periodontitis, other factors also contribute to its development.

Certain habits, such as bad eating habits and smoking have a decisive effect on oral hygiene.

Nutrition, which is poor in nutrients may significantly reduced the ability of the organism to fight inflammation. Smokers present with inflammation of the gingiva more often than non-smokers. Stress may affect the ability of the organism to resist disease.

The general state of health is another key factor contributive to the development of periodontitis. Diabetes, when it is not under control, may cause serious problems to the gingiva, making treatment more difficult for the dentist or periodontoligist.

Hormonal disorders during pregnancy increase the blood flow into certain body tissues, including the gingiva. As a result, 30-50% of pregnant women, present with red, swollen bleeding gingiva.

Even the taking of certain medications, such as contraceptives anti-depressants and anti-epileptic pills, and tablets which affect the health of the gingiva may lead to the development of periodontitis.